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Tremendous-shivering moments

There are some moments in life where you are so happy your hands begin to shake. The ecstasy is so powerful that you see rainbows everywhere. No more describing, here are those moments that clickofyourlife would like to mention :

   #Peeing after holding it for quite a while…

#The seconds that precede eating your favorite meal…

# Waking up on a working day tired as shhh and noticing you still have 2-3 hours of sleep…

#Orgasming…(i know what you did last summer , you perve )

#Receiving the message you’ve been waiting for from your crush .

  #When electricity comes back in Lebanon.

# Favourite song is playing.

# Being notified that clickofyourlife has released a new post !

PS : After nearly a one year long absence due to global warming, clickofyourlife  is now back on track. From Taipei to Lisbon;  Moscow to Cape Town, we have reached our aim that was….

                                                     TO BE CONTINUED.




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It's quite simple, the click that will change your life.

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