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Lebanon summer 2012 : fresh graduates added to the over-filled jar of youngsters seeking a decent job.
15 years of achievements, the lebanese society is now proud.
But the hardest achievement of all is far away to be seen by these dreamers.
Everyone wants a brilliant career, money and a yacht parked @ St.George.
0.1 % will get there, but a few will be happy.In Lebanon, none is majoring in happiness.
Maybe she wanted to become a ballerina, or he wanted to be a sculptor, but the destiny wanted them to live the “Lebanese” dream.
Take your diploma, get married and start a family right away. You have a house to buy, and rates to start paying.
A gap year to travel around the world ? Volunteer in Latin america ? Visit the North Pole you fool ?
What are you doing with your life ? What will the neighbours and family say ?
Clickofyourlife stated that 99.9 % of the youth weren’t happy with their life ( there was one guy who was happy, but unfortunately he was high as fffff).
Those 99.9 % had high education diplomas and well payed jobs. Good for them ! But clickofyourlife is calling every workaholic in the country to leave those extra-bossing hours aside because time is running out.

Find something new that makes you happy, search for adventure. Your grandchild would not want to hear about what you did during your lunch break,
how you entered the building using the exit door (ooouu bad boy).
Happiness is within reach, look around and you’ll find it.
If not, visit clickofyourlife and that would do it. For a while ūüôā¬† ¬†¬†Clickofyourlife¬ģ


Why men “don’t” love bitches (Lebanon should be a no man’s land)

You know those legends everybody talks about, from¬†Bigfoot, passing by vampires, or even elves… Well yeah, here in Lebanon, regardless of your IQ, whoever you were, whatever you had, you believed what the legend said: For every man in Lebanon there is seven women ! Or in other words, yes, you have the choice to choose between seven¬†bodacious¬†Lebanese¬†females, you own them. LIES !

The culture in Lebanon stipulates that this myth has to be told to a boy during his puberty so he can get the clear idea about this miserable cuntree (if you know what I mean). I remember being told about this story on the verge of my manhood, ended up believing it, turned into the man I’m today to find out I was tricked like the rest of you guys.

I’ve conducted a personal research with the team of¬†Clickofyourlife¬ģ,¬†to ensure the safety and¬†sanity of my fellow male friends across this nation.

They said seven girls, well I’m going to tell you about each and every one:

1- Fucking ugly referred to as Fugly

2- Stays at home, never goes out, so practically you haven’t even seen her. Oh and her parents hate you

3- The one you’re stuck in the friend zone with

4- Filthy rich and Pappaz (check “Pappaz” the article on the blog) won’t know you’re alive unless it’s a Ferrari you drive

5- Top notch imbecile, stupid enough to think Pink Floyd is the full name of Pink the singer

6- Lesbian, basically she’s not interested in sorts such as you

7- Super beautiful mature woman of your dreams who’s going out with a douche (most probably stronger than you) (oh and better looking) (oh and richer) (oh)

I admit I was¬†sorely¬†impressed by those results, but nevertheless I was deeply depressed somehow because there’s no hope anymore or because I’m a hopeless paramore.

Well here it is, another reason Lebanon should be a no man’s land, keep checking in to discover new reasons every now and thenImage

By Clickofyourlife¬ģ

Tremendous-shivering moments

There are some moments in life where you are so happy your hands begin to shake. The ecstasy is so powerful that you see rainbows everywhere. No more describing, here are those moments that clickofyourlife would like to mention :

¬† ¬†#Peeing after holding it for quite a while…

#The seconds that precede eating your favorite meal…

# Waking up on a working day tired as shhh and noticing you still have 2-3 hours of sleep…

#Orgasming…(i know what you did last summer , you perve )

#Receiving the message you’ve been waiting for from your crush .

  #When electricity comes back in Lebanon.

# Favourite song is playing.

# Being notified that clickofyourlife has released a new post !

PS : After nearly a one year long absence due to global warming, clickofyourlife ¬†is now back on track. From Taipei to Lisbon; ¬†Moscow to Cape Town, we have reached our aim that was….

                                                     TO BE CONTINUED.


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