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Unpleasant Surprise !

There are some common scenes we encounter in our everyday life that induce the same dose of  discomfort and instability regarding  the power to control our behavior. More specifically , some things are always there to remind us that life on earth isn’t that trustworthy !

Even more specifically, stepping in a fresh dog poop when you just walked out your house in the morning, heading for an interview.

So fresh that you have the feeling to be skiing on a melted chocolate mountain. (And I assure you, it’s not funny as imagined) !

You realize you’re in deep shit (literally) when you take a look at your shoe, all covered in mud. (Exactly, freshly squeezed mud)…

What happens next ?

Well you start wiping your shoe against the pavement or a nearby grass, walking as if you’ve been just shot in your leg, hoping this could help! You could also use a wall or a tree to clean the impossible angles on the shoe.

Final step : a tissue paper or some water to polish. And the day can start, hopefully some say such a step brings good luck (yeah right) !

Ps: These steps are specific, do not use them after a BPHS*. Clickers have been notified!

BPHS : Bombardier Pigeon Head Shot



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