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Monthly Archives: November 2011

Lebanon should be a no man’s land

This is one of many article about why Lebanon should be a no man’s land, despite the corruption, the hate, the controversy, the shallowness, we try to move on and live.
But just as soon as winter comes, and people start preparing themselves for the cozy bed, and the sweet hot chocolate (with marshmallow), mother nature sprouts us with slippery streets, wet shoes, and floods coming out of everywhere.
Now if you were in a normal country, those obstacles wouldn’t be a problem, the municipality or the government would’ve managed to ease your way into the streets, on the other hand, when you’re a peaceful Lebanese citizen on your way to work or school, you encounter dangerous threats that may affect your life in a bad way, as per instance the sewers are all leaking, an ocean of human waste (mostly crap) are ravaging the pavements, the streets are drowning, you will be needing a canoe to cross, you can’t even help yourself with the umbrella because the wind is trying to steal it from you.

I sincerely would prefer to stay home all winter, and keep Lebanon a no man’s land.

We seriously need help making our streets a better place.

It always happens !


Unpleasant Surprise !

There are some common scenes we encounter in our everyday life that induce the same dose of  discomfort and instability regarding  the power to control our behavior. More specifically , some things are always there to remind us that life on earth isn’t that trustworthy !

Even more specifically, stepping in a fresh dog poop when you just walked out your house in the morning, heading for an interview.

So fresh that you have the feeling to be skiing on a melted chocolate mountain. (And I assure you, it’s not funny as imagined) !

You realize you’re in deep shit (literally) when you take a look at your shoe, all covered in mud. (Exactly, freshly squeezed mud)…

What happens next ?

Well you start wiping your shoe against the pavement or a nearby grass, walking as if you’ve been just shot in your leg, hoping this could help! You could also use a wall or a tree to clean the impossible angles on the shoe.

Final step : a tissue paper or some water to polish. And the day can start, hopefully some say such a step brings good luck (yeah right) !

Ps: These steps are specific, do not use them after a BPHS*. Clickers have been notified!

BPHS : Bombardier Pigeon Head Shot