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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Note to oneself: Cartoons are sick

In the past few days, I’ve been reminiscing about the childhood I had, those beautiful days without any responsibility whatsoever, the innocence, the lively cartoons, then I said HEY, wait a second, I couldn’t help but to  notice the devastating effect of those childish movies we used to watch !

For a minute there I thought I was overreacting, but things have to be said, per instance, Winnie the “yellow colored bear” Pooh, is there walking, oh look at that a bee hive, let us taste that yummy honey of theirs, suddenly he’s up there imbibing himself with the sticky sugary syrup and the bees are there serving it to him, STOP it right here, bees hate being violated and will sting you, yes you, as soon as they hear your heartbeat near their territory, but nooo they love Winnie, they’ll even help him get out because he’s going to get stuck eventually!  WATCH OUT parents, by watching this, your kids have a high possibility of becoming, like spider-man, a bee person, unless it’s real life, oh yes it is, they’ll die !


On a second notice, while babysitting a cousin, Teletubbies was on, very peaceful, very colorful, then something fishy went on… THERE IS A FREAKING BABY IN THE SUN, yes you heard me, other than the sick idea of having a laughing baby out there, children own a very fertile imagination, that is now mixing with reality, so what is happening is that they’re looking in the real sun searching for that baby and BAM ! the sun is shiny, they will cry, they will try to find company, they wont because they can’t see, if it was an eclipse they will become blind, if not they’ll probably trip over a boulder, down a cliff and die !

There you go, live proof of meticulously thought children shows we encourage to see, after all we’re going to die in the end, so you might want to die younger than usual..