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Hot sunny sweaty day in Beirut. Let’s see : you’re walking in the street, screwing the day you were born in this freaking country.

 W dejjjj, you bump into an old high school friend.

Regarding  the physical appearance change, nothing to report besides her big brown eyes that now are BLUE :/

She starts talking to you, in English, or French, or ZULU. Anything but Lebanese Arabic.

But you grew up together, and you remember very well that she used to speak Lebanese : @ home, @ school, everywhere… So why the hekk is she speaking  French ?! In fact she has never left Lebanon her entire life !

You ask her a question in Lebanese, trying to refresh her memory, to bring her back to this native land called Lebanon. She replies in BRITISH this time !

For a second, a great sentence comes to your mind “YA BENET EL KLEB, TOOL 3OMRIK WARA EL BA2AR”,  but you end up finishing this multilingual conversation, and going on your way; sunny sweaty day in Beirut…



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  1. If only u could change the picture, it’s very disturbing 😛

    much love


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