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Monthly Archives: May 2011


Whatever the time, the season, the lime, the reason.

No matter what is happening, they are always there.

Dabke Dancers on Cornish Beirut. As you drive nearby, you hear a loud louuuddd noise, apparently music ,and  as every human being, you try to find the source. Once you found it, you’ll notice a group (2-3 up to 19) of talented dancers, holding their hands and practicing the traditional lebanese dance; right there, in front of everyone.

The first couple of seconds you won’t believe what you’re seeing. What are they doing? Is all this a joke ? It doesn’t seem like that! Look at their smiles, their passion, their coherence.

Maybe we are wrong, and they are right !

Maybe dancing besides the sea give you limitless power. Maybe they are the consequence of global warming . Maybe maybe…..

  So who are they after all  ?

Are they aliens trying to communicate with us? Or warn us ?

Are they angels sent from above ? To teach us about true love ?

Can we classify them as UNESCO Cultural Heritage ?

All we know is that if one day they are not there, there’s something wrong with the universe.  



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