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             Find your TV remote control. Turn on the device.

Now before the next step, you might get a black screen, because as we all know, in Lebleb, if it’s raining, no satellite transmission, if there’s an eagle or even a pigeon standing on the wire, no transmission. & if your neighbor just sneezed, same result. (Clickers have been notified)

As for now, everything is running according to your plan of an afternoon relaxation. So you get to choose a station (wisely please) :

1 Two Saudi sport experts are talking about a soccer game that happened last season. They are dissecting every single second of the 90 played minutes. Of course on the studio table, is sitting with them a former European player, hungry for $’s.

2-  On a local TV station, a local kids show is celebrating a local kid’s birthday. The staff is disguised in horrifying  smiling creatures from another planet, the humble kid is frightened to death, wishing he was never born. As a gift, they offer him a soap :S .  

3-   A spot is running. Well it’s about an illiterate self considered herbs expert, climbing mountains, chasing trains, cliff jumping to get a zero efficiency herb for his beloved patients. National hero!

4-  What about the never-ending South American series that we are going to publish a whole post on it later on.

5-  Oh, there it is. That’s a very good movie, I heard that it was nominated for several Oscars; you lie down satisfied, victorious. But what you don’t know is that the movie is going to end in 2 bloody minutes ( if not, your neighbor will sneeze again) ((if not, something else will happen)).

                                                                                                                                                                                                   Good luck !



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  1. there’s also the various Turkish Shows dubbed in Syrian, where what you hear is completely independent from the mouth motion.
    The beautiful french stations where sophisticated frenchies talk endlessly about absolutely… nothing!
    Lebanese Cable, can’t get….worse!


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