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Technology, a sweet concept created to help us progress and be motivated for a better tomorrow, brought picture takers called nowadays “the camera”.

This machine can capture beautiful panoramic views to hideous meaningless so called pieces of art that I rather call pieces of shhh (as seen in the previous article “ARTISTS HERE, THERE, AND EVERYWHERE”)

However, I call this wonderful machine the memory holder, whether it held the most ravishing souvenir or a bitter one.

In the meantime, I couldn’t help myself to notice the fact that 99.99% of girls do the lip trick in every single picture. AND IT’S SO ANNOYING!

This trick consists of pulling your lips to the front as if you are about to kiss and here you have it, congratulations you look like a chimpanzee (with all sincere respect to the chimpanzee).

Therefore, this trick may be accompanied by several side gestures, like per instance the hand doing a peace sign, or even the eyes frowning.

What’s the deal here? Is it appealing? NO

Is it attractive? HELL NO

As far as I’m concerned, there’s a certain gap between the feminine gender members who perform this trick and rational behaving.

I’m not asking much, but a little smile can change the whole concept!

By Clickofyourlife®


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  1. hahahahaha every girl in the world must see this …..


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