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Estimated world population: approximately 7 billion. Half of them are… Okay let’s see 7/2= 3.5 (some clickers really need this calculus explanation).

Let’s get back to our point == > nearly 3.5 billions actually consider themselves ARTISTS. I won’t toss this idea around in my head and I’ll get directly to the simplest example : PHOTOGRAPHERS.


You got me right, I’m talking about those people that picture a fork fallen on the ground, counting it as a piece of art.

Or those who take pictures of their shoe laces in contrast with the grass, or the living room chandelier through an empty transparent cup, or the corner of a building with a white cloud above (clouds are very popular), or a sandwich in a plate, and the list goes on and on …

All you need is a good-resolution camera, lack of imagination and some free time, and you can join the freelance photographers group!

So what are the real photographers opinions ?  I mean the man picturing a volcano about to erupt, or the lady shooting photos of polar bears in the North Pole, or the lucky person who just caught a shark jumping over water in the middle of the Pacific.

The Clickofyourlife team showed some so called artists pics to the professionals, these are some reactions:

– “If only the polar bear ate me before I see this”

-“OMG, your joking right ? What the f***><” before he jumped off the balcony.

-“I wish I was born a bat, you know bats are blind”

-“Just give me his address, PLEASE, I will **** ** **** out of him, the ***”

-“But,” Then he started bleeding from his eyes.



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