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Weird habits

When someone asks me to give him a synonym of “life” I tell him “competition”, life dear reader is a magical game where you are the player, you choose whether to succeed or to stay on the same spot.

Nonetheless, we people manage to have different attitudes and habits which help us achieve goals.

All of the above was a filthy introduction for my main topic here, the weird habits people conceive to make things easier for them… or not.

When living an everyday life surrounded by a lot of people of different cultures and social levels, you secretly notice awkward and funny details that you ignore but actually these details tend to have a critical influence on the course of life.

To begin, can someone please tell me why does a rational human being grow his pinky nail?

Is it a secret sign for an international secret organization to help secret members recognize each other secretly?

Is it the latest trend?

Is it a weapon? A pet?

A lot of possible answers come to my mind, but I know I’m missing something here; however holders of the grown pinky nail use this gadget to scratch, to pick their nose or ear, to open cans and doors or even to write.

Another habit is the usage of a key for several purposes other than to open doors, per instance stabbing it in your ear to get rid of the itchy dirt (it is long and effective we admit it), or using it in fights as a weapon of mass destruction (works pretty well after sticking it into your ear).

Last but not least, the most undercover habit, the most effective ice breaker, the most powerful tool for a high social background, yes, we’re talking about the look.

The look has the same principle for all lookers (people who use the look), you squeeze your eyes real hard you can barely see, you develop the deadly staring routine which encloses staring at the maximum number of individuals without them noticing you staring, and you try doing another activity at the same time like walking, talking or breathing (I know it’s hard).

This my friends is a winning habit that has been proved to us from the dawn of times, the prehistoric man who discovered fire gave the look, medieval warriors also did, as well as Chuck Norris.

So a big thank you to those people who are giving us tips for a better living.

                                                                                                                                By Clickofyourlife®


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