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Happy Feet ?! Weirdy Toes.

At the beach, in yoga classes or even in streets, you certainly have already noticed how some people have strange toe “alignment”. Related to cultures, profession or heredity, it is always there, right in front of you.

The international community recognizes 3 types of feet : Greek, Egyptian and Square. Happy ending :).

But wait a minute, that’s not precise. NOT AT ALL  ! What about the strange toes we encounter in our everyday lives ?! Huh?!

I am talking about the  middle three toes that have declared independence from the foot! Or the two toes that have taken a life-time trip out of the group ! And why not the “squashed selfdestructed nail !”, “I thought Ninja Turtles were only animations !!! ” shouted the surprised kid.

Funny for some, shocking for others; this frequent view is not pleasant, but there’s nothing anybody could do about it.The next time you clicker going to bump into a strange foot, you are going to smile and think “ Damn clickofyourlife was right”.

P.S : no strange foot photo has been published due to Clickers Discretion.



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