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In our everyday lives, we encounter people that are different, difference is sweet, but sometimes rarely we encounter people called pappaz, in that very second we wish the word difference was never created, we’re jealous, we want to be just like them, but as I said earlier the encounter is rare because few can become a pappaz, they’re like the jedi’s of the real world, however lucky for us “normal” people we can become one, we can either apply to a pappaz school (they’re getting very popular these days) or even hire a private trainer, both these solution are very expensive, that’s why CLICKOFYOURLIFE created an easy way for us, we  just have to follow these steps precisely and by order and we have a 86.45% of becoming a pappaz.

Steps for becoming a pappaz:


-You have more than a thousand friend on facebook (you barely know twenty of them).

–  Every single picture is in a club (cameras exist outside the club, but you don’t believe in that).

– You tag yourself everywhere (not only in pictures).

-You are always ready to party, mentally and physically.

– You’re always holding a drink or two. (PS: always means ALWAYS).

– The lit cigarette is your sixth finger.

-The logo of burperry or lagoste is always showing on your clothes (if both, it’s in your advantage).

–  You have two mobile phones or more (i.e: two blagberries because you have more than a thousand friend remember).

-You’re always tanned.

-You’re never drunk; you just show that to people around you to earn respect in your community.

-You order bottles that you don’t consume (because the first glass got you drunk).

-You don’t enter the club unless the dj or the mc screams your name.

-You never dance in a club, you move (and by move we mean just your head, the rest of the body reacts as if there’s no contact with music).

-You’re always cool and have the look (the look can vary from a person to another).

-The pictures show that you’re having the time of your life, but inside you’re a warrior who can’t wait to get to bed.

– By clicking here and paying 99.99$ only you can become a pappazz. Just click here.  Come on, we know you want to (you can’t click, you earn your pappaz title, you do not buy it).

                                                                                                                                                                                      By Clickofyourlife®


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It's quite simple, the click that will change your life.

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  1. Pappaz can also be called Plouc:
    -They always have perfect hair, even if there’s a thunderstorm outside
    -They keep their sunglasses on in the pool
    -They don’t go to any pool unless there’s a bar where they drink, while keeping the sunglasses on (of course)
    -they use the three official languages of Lebanon in every sentence
    -They pick up ridiculous fights just to show off in front of their girlfriends, or the girl they’re trying to impress


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