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As every Lebanese person, the second you lay your foot on foreign land, you start thinking about Lebanese food. From the most simple manouche’ to the one and only falafel. Let’s not forget the hummus, fattoush, taboule’, tawook, baba ghanouj, sambousik, labne’, arishe’ and last but not least, the “sandwish batata” ;). Because Lebanon is simply the Land of Food.

Of course, no restaurant in the world, Lebanese or not, can reproduce the same mind blowing taste of these heavenly selected pleasures . Try to explain the concept of the “sandwish batata” to the most decorated chef, you’ll get my point.

The best sizzling shawarma you’ll ever find is @ “abou x”. And when the mouthwatering taratour  falls down your lips when devouring your falafel super sandwish, while trying to control the ingredients struggling their way out, means you’re on the right track my friend.

You’re not done when your plate is empty, but only when your respiration is obstructed, and hoping for  more space for the sweets, (that is the right time to open the pants button for special relief).

By now you all know what I am talking about, so go get your meal ; OR NOT, make them deliver it to you, we’re in Lebanon after all , so why bother  moving ?

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