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Four Products That Only Exist In Movies

 1 – His n’ Hers L-Shaped Bed Sheets

This odd, L-shaped sheet arrangement, has become accepted among movie makers as a thing that humans actually do, even though no one I know has ever admitted to doing this or even considered doing it. Additionally, it’s pretty uncomfortable and freaking difficult to arrange bed sheets so that they only go up to the guy’s waist but all the way up to the chick’s armpits. Movies want you to ignore all that and pretend, for just a second, that this is a thing that people like you do all the time.

2- The “Whatever You Have On You” Taxi Service


4-Mind-Reading TV

We see a couple of best friends sitting around their apartment, depressed. They’ve both recently been fired, they’re late on their rent payments and they’ve got student loans out the ass. All they have is their music, but that won’t pay the bills. They’re about two weeks away from getting kicked out of their apartment and right as they’re openly wondering how they’re going to get out of this mess, they turn on the TV at the exact moment that an MTV personality is announcing a local Battle of the Bands with a grand prize of holy shit your rent money and student loans!

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